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Past Meetings


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Here you will find a brief synopsis of the presentations we have seen at the Hatchery Writers over the past few years.

  • Edward Hogan’s workshop – Connecting Characters - Saturday 14 September.  11am-1pm Connecting Characters – a workshop with Ed Hogan   Writers are often told that the two key principles of good fiction are character and conflict. After reading 300 short stories in the last six months, I’ve come to a different conclusion: much of the best fiction rests on the writer’s ability […]
  • Hatchery Writers at Hove Library – July 13 - Laura Wilkinson’s workshop on Structural Editing – 13 July. After the First Draft: make your story the best it can be. You’ve finished the first draft of your short story or novel – congratulations; that’s a huge achievement. But what next? Making your story as brilliant as it can be takes a whole new set […]
  • Writing With Humour workshop - Writing with Humour by Gerry Maguire Thompson – June 15 Gerry’s workshop had a good turnout.  It was interactive and lively. Watch video of Gerry’s workshop: Humour can be found in all genres. According to Woody Allen, comedy is truth + pain. Principles of generating humour:  Recognition + surprise.  Two ordinary characteristics followed by […]
  • SHARON DUGGAL – 18 MAY 2019 - Notes on Sharon’s workshop on ‘Writing Place’ We had all been briefed to expect Sharon, but we did not anticipate the busy schedule she had lined up for us in her workshop on the importance of sense of place in writing. Sharon is a writer, a radio producer/presenter amongst other things. She is currently working […]
  • Dave Patchett – Saturday, 13 April - Notes on Dave Patchett’s talk on Writing and Research Crispin Ellison, who chaired the meeting, congratulated one and all for arriving at the venue at the new time of 2.00 pm. It was exciting to see quite a number of new faces among the 17 attendees. We had all been briefed to expect Dave Patchett, […]
  • Erinna Mettler on Writing Fiction from Memory - Summary of Erinna’s Workshop on Writing Fiction from Memory   There was an excellent turnout of around 20. A relaxed and happy atmosphere was maintained throughout. Erinna gave a workshop on the usefulness of memory to inspire the writer. Erinna is herself a short story writer. She began her writing career quite late and spoke […]
  • Mandy Pannett on The Processes of Writing Poetry – 16 February 2019 - Notes Prose can waffle – not poetry.  Coleridge on poetry: the best possible words in their best possible order. In the 1990’s Mandy wrote song lyrics, developed a feel for words – hard and soft sounds, how long a line should be.  This became useful when she started writing poetry. People have commented that Mandy’s […]
  • Gail Louw presentation – Monologues in Stage Plays. November 2018 - Review of Gail Louw presentation – Monologues in Stage Plays Gail’s preferred style, monologues, seemed both tricky and yet practical for, as she said, writing for one actor was a great deal cheaper than several and, with Arts Council grants mostly available up to £15,000, more productive. Her golden rule was to know clearly “who […]
  • Richard Buxton: History and Fiction – Finding the Balance. Oct 2018 - Notes on Richard Buxton’s presentation by Merril Haeusler Hatchery Writers were again treated to an informative and inspirational presentation on Saturday, 20 October, when Richard Buxton gave us some very useful and interesting insights into his writing as an Historical Novelist. Richard’s area of interest is the American Civil War and his first book, self […]
  • You Are The Author of Your Life – 18 August 2018 -   Life-Writing Workshop with Jilliana Ranicar-Breese   Jilliana held a workshop on autobiographical writing, which was attended by some members of the GRIT charity from Newhaven. The first exercise Juliana set was to write about a turning point in our lives, the second one a missed opportunity, or something we regretted in our life, and […]
  • Notes on M G Leonard’s talk by David Spillman - Notes on M. G. Leonard’s talk by David Spillman M. G. Leonard (the initials are for Maya Gabrielle) spoke to us on Writing for Children but much of what she had to say would be relevant for any aspiring writer. Her Beetle books have won awards, are children’s best-sellers, and have been translated into a […]
  • Umi Sinha’s Talk on Structuring a Multi-layered Novel – 16 June 2018 - Notes  Umi Sinha discussed points made by E M Forster in his guide to writing a novel, Aspects of the Novel. Causality is necessary for plot. Mystery.  Secrets – The ‘carrot’. Always hold something back. 2 or 3 secrets, resolve them one by one, creating suspense. Characters are not real people but like real people. […]
  • Notes on David Bramwell’s Talk by Tony Bell - The No. 9 Bus to Utopia David began his talk by stating that depression, anxiety and loneliness are on the increase, and that the biggest killer for men over the age of 50 is suicide. These are stark figures, and perhaps not a surprise to anyone in the audience, in our increasingly fragmented society. As […]
  • Roy Hutchins: 21 April 2018 - Saturday 21 April.  12.30-2.30 pm Magnetic North – a Writer’s Journey Roy Hutchins, performer, writer and director was the guest speaker. He brought along Mike ‘Dr Blue’ Mckeon who accompanies him on guitar in many of his shows. Roy’s presentation was about his new Brighton Fringe show which evolved while grieving for his close friend […]
  • Beth Miller: How to get a literary agent. 17 March 2018 - Talk by Beth Miller Beth Miller, an author and creative writing teacher gave us a very interesting and useful talk, telling us that she’d made all the mistakes so we don’t have to! Traditional Publishers They use the old-fashioned model of writer to agent to rep to publisher. Some small presses deal with writers directly […]
  • Anna McGrail: 17 February 2018 - Writing for Radio A Workshop by Anna McGrail As recorded by Claire Shelton-Jones  Anna, an award-winning writer of fiction and non-fiction, gave us a brief, fascinating look at the highs and joys of writing in sound. [Read more …]She loves writing for radio, finding it fun and collaborative. With no pictures you have to think […]
  • All Your Own Work! 21 January 2018 - 21 January 2018 All Your Own Work! Claire read out a poem called ‘Adding Up’ which she recently revised and submitted to a competition. It was about how a prehistoric person might have got the idea of counting. She is fascinated by the origin of the concept of words and numbers. Kath read the opening […]
  • Rosie Chard: 18 November 2017 - Rosie Chard: 18 November 2017 Third Person Objective; The ‘Cinematographic‘ form This is like replacing the author’s voice with a camera. It shows but won’t let you tell. You don’t know the thoughts of any of the characters or their history. This PoV is purely about physical gestures, body language, actions, the scene and dialogue. […]
  • Inge Sweetman: 21 October 2017 - Inge Sweetman: 21 October 2017 from City Books Inge and her husband Paul started City Books 31 years ago. It was a big thing to set up their own business whilst still young. with bank loans guaranteed by parents. There are not many independent bookshops left nowadays. Four nearby have gone and Kemptown Books is […]
  • Erinna Mettler: 16 September 2017 - Erinna Mettler: 16 September 2017 Short stories Erinna is a Brighton-based writer with two short story collections published. Her first ‘Starlings’ is actually a novel made up of linked short stories based in Brighton, published by Revenge Ink in 2011. Impressions of the characters change as you read on. Her second collection ‘15 Minutes’ published […]
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