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THE PSYCHIC DETECTIVE and the case of the trapped souls

Although Nancy Harnetty is the most celebrated medium in the UK, she is totally unaware that her talents are about to lead her into a new domain, that of psychic detective. While returning from a two month tour of America and Canada, she has a dreadful feeling of foreboding. When she arrives home and receives a phone call from a total stranger asking for her help, she instinctively knows her sense of unease is in some way connected to him.

Unravelling the heinous crimes that slowly come to light, not only shocks Nancy, but makes her a very unwilling participant in fighting those who have committed these inhuman acts. Only the presence and protection of a gentle spirit guide whom she nicknames Angel, keeps her on a pathway she would rather not tread.

She seeks help from a retired Detective Chief Superintendent, a Police Sergeant and a top safe breaker not long out of prison. In their quest for justice, Nancy and her team will eventually have to decide whether the repercussions of their actions will be too high a price to pay.

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Just wanted to say  how much I enjoyed your book – the twist at the end was a masterstroke!

I think it would make a great British TV drama or film and you should seek a good screenplay writer to set to work! Though much as it has everything else they will probably feel the need to insert more romance somewhere.   Laura King

I took your book on holiday with me. I thoroughly enjoyed it, couldn’t put it down. All the characters were so vivid and alive. Great story.    Sally Singer  



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