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  • Life-Writing Workshop on Zoom

    Sunday 21 June at 2.50pm on Zoom

    Life-writing Workshop with Sandra Jensen

    Sandra Jensen will share an approach to writing – called the Freefall technique – that is particularly suited to life writing and memoir, but also supports writers of all genres to find and maintain inspiration. The approach helps emerging (and experienced!) writers by-pass the critical mind (the voice that says, “This isn’t good,” “Who do you think you are?” et cetera), and is a useful and effective tool for anyone facing writer’s block or who are finding it difficult to keep going. The approach is designed to produce work that is vibrant and alive, both for the writer and for the reader.

    Places must be booked in advance.  Email





    ALL UPCOMING HATCHERY WRITERS EVENTS SUSPENDED until further notice. This should come as no surprise after we cancelled last Saturday’s seminar because of coronavirus risks. We will keep you updated on any developments and reschedule as soon as feasible. Meanwhile, stay healthy and keep writing!

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    We are a group that enjoys writing, sharing our writing, finding out about the processes of writing and all aspects of the writing industry. We aim to provide a supportive environment for writing aspirations. We also welcome non-writers who have a similar interest in literary matters.

    Our monthly meetings are opportunities to hear talks by local authors or to participate in workshops on aspects of writing – and to meet fellow writers. All are welcome, including non-writers. Fee per meeting: £2 members, £3 non-members. Annual sub: £2 payable at the monthly meeting.

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