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  • 2018 Schedule of Meetings

    Saturday 20 October.   12.30-2.30 pm


    Richard Buxton:

    History and Fiction – Finding the Balance 



    Richard Buxton, author of Whirligig: Keeping the Promise.

    Where does an author draw the line between accurately representing history and writing compelling fiction? It’s an issue peculiar to historical fiction writers.

    Richard will explore the differing approaches of published authors, as well as draw on his own experience of using real events, people and places to inspire imagination. He will also discuss the various ways to discover believable detail and will examine its use and misuse in historical fiction. How much is just enough to invoke the feel of a period?  The talk will be accompanied by slides with opportunities for discussion and input from the audience.

    If there is time, Richard will give a writing exercise using artefacts as prompts.

    Richard Buxton writes historical fiction in both the short and long form. His short stories have won the Exeter Story Prize, the Bedford Writing Competition and the Nivalis Award. His self-published novel, Whirligig, was shortlisted for the Rubery International Book Award and awarded a Silver Medal by the Wishing Shelf Book Awards. He is a graduate of the Chichester Creative Writing Masters’ programme.






    Saturday 17 November.  12.30-2.30 pm  

    Gail Louw, playwright – Writing Monologues for Stage Plays


    Saturday 15 December.  12.30-3.00 pm

    Hatchery Writers’ AGM & Christmas Party




  • Brighton Theatre of the Air


    September 2018

    Listen to BTOTA’S latest recording: An Angel Intrudes directed by Roz Scott.

    July 2018

    Read latest news about Brighton Theatre of the Air and hear new audio releases on Subgroup page:   

    April 2018

    Death Calls at Dinner from A Chocolate Box of Short Plays.



    TRE logo

    February 2018.  Brighton Theatre of the Air on air in Europe.  Talk Radio Europe (TRE), FM Radio, played tracks from BTOTA’s audio anthology, Love is in the Air.  Feb 20 at 19.53: An Ideal Husband, 20.52: The Romance of a Busy Broker. Feb 22 and 23 at 19.50: The Bickersons. Feb 24 at 22.50: To His Coy Mistress.


    February 14, 2018 – BTOTA’s compilation – Love is in the Air – was played on Brighton and Hove Community Radio on Valentine’s Day.


    For more information:  or  Hatchery Writers subgroup page


  • You Are The Author of Your Life – 18 August 2018


    Life-Writing Workshop with Jilliana Ranicar-Breese


    Jilliana held a workshop on autobiographical writing, which was attended by some members of the GRIT charity from Newhaven. The first exercise Juliana set was to write about a turning point in our lives, the second one a missed opportunity, or something we regretted in our life, and the third one was to write about a piece of music which was meaningful to us.

    Despite there being a large group of people in attendance, some of whom had never been to the Hatchery Writers before, people courageously wrote about the triumphs and disasters of their lives, and bravely read out their writing to the group, sometimes through tears. I found this honesty and bravery extremely inspiring, and chose to share some things about my life which I haven’t shared with close friends.

    I felt it was a cathartic and healing experience for many people, and a reminder that, despite our superficial differences, we are all strikingly similar beneath our masks, having common needs for love and connection to others, and similar pains and sorrows of rejection, betrayal and loss. It was a powerful example of how sharing our stories can unite us, when this is done in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

    I felt that friendships could easily have sprung up between many of the participants, and I wonder what would happen if the same group of people were to meet to share their life stories on a regular basis. Sometimes we hide parts of ourselves from the people we feel closest to, for fear of being hurt, or not being accepted. It is sometimes easier to share these feelings with strangers, who do not know us, do not judge us, and place no expectations upon us. Perhaps the freedom to express ourselves honestly in a group which meets regularly would spill over into the rest of our lives, breaking down the barriers to communication which have formed with others. Words have incredible power to heal, to connect us to others, and to re-connect us to ourselves, when they come from the heart.

    Tony Bell


    I was very moved by the courage of those present, especially the younger ones, in being open about their lives and managing to read out their heartfelt contributions. Praise to Jilliana for choosing questions for the workshop that would bring out such responses and possibly lead on to further writing about their lives and experiences.

    Crispin Ellison